The reason for writing down my thoughts and publishing them is that it gives me the opportunity to reach out to other people in the world, reminding them of their full potential and their intrinsic power.

It is my wish for this publication to allow people to connect with their inner strength and wisdom.
I want to show them their thoughts and actions are truly making a difference in the world.
It is my belief that we all have our personal significance. We are responsible for the life we live.
It is our job to find happiness and fulfillment, to give and receive love, and to recognize the unlimited abundance of that which surrounds us.

Pause for Thoughts                              ISBN-9781480210967  Kindle Edition

The Guide to your Guru inside          ISBN-9781480199859  Kindle Edition

Van Werkelijkheid naar Waarheid    ISBN-9781481156004

Living Loving Life                                  ISBN 979852086562

Chloe meets Angel-Wing  and Whisper-Wind  ISBN  9798525502543

and many other manuals and e-books.

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